2018 Schoharie County Sunshine Fair News...

Buffalo Barfield & “Unherd-of-Entertainment”
Gregg “Buffalo” Barfield and his wife, Michele Barfield, aka “Miss Bumadean, serve up a delicious mix of truly “American” roots music to produce their own distinctive sound!

Traditional Country & Western Swing, Folk, Bluegrass, old-time Gospel, and Jug-band music make up just a few of the ingredients that go into the pot to make up this unique “Upcountry Stew!”  Barfield is a singer, songwriter, story teller and country comedian who has written numerous songs in country, bluegrass, gospel and children’s music genres.  He is a multi-instrumentalist who plays guitar, mandolin, harmonica, spoons, Cajun/zydeco rub board, and Cajun accordion.  Miss Bumadean is a singer, songwriter, and visual artist, accomplished at playing Cajun/zydeco rub board, and piano.

With a “roux” made from their distinctive vocal harmonies, traditional instruments, and a very honest, natural, down to earth rapport with the audience, they’ve been winning fans and making friends at every event they’ve been invited.  The show will offer a musical blend of both old and new country, bluegrass, old-time gospel, and rhythm and blues, with just the right touch of down home “clean” comedy.

Camel Kingdom
America’s Show Camels are excited to present Camel Kingdom as new exhibit this year where the rarest breed of Dromedary camels will be showcased.  There are only 1,000 of these spotted, blue-eyed beauties in the world.  The exhibit will be a "sight to see" for fairgoers because it is dressed up like an oasis.  It's an entertaining and educational experience.  These are domestic, not wild animals or endangered species.  Camel Kingdom’s main objective is to showcase these unique creatures and educate the public about them. You can even have your very own camel encounter with a photo after the show.

Danny Grant's Cowboy Circus
"A Strolling Show with a Cowboy Twist"

An amazing One-Man Strolling Show of Comedy, Juggling, Cowboy Tricks, Magic, Circus Lessons, and lots of Audience Participation.  Danny Grant is Texas born, but raised in the real wild west... Key West.  Danny has been entertaining for thousands of guests at summer Fairs and Festivals since he was 11 weeks old in his parent's comedy variety show, "Bounce, OOO LaLa and Daniel." As a 2nd generation performer, Danny was taught many skills that he used to create a fantastic show of his own. Soon after graduating college, he very quickly realized that he was truly meant for show business   His interaction with the crowd is superb and he is a bright, cheerful, enthusiastic and skillful performer.  Watch for him as you stroll the grounds of the Schoharie County Sunshine Fair

Rosaire Racing Pigs
Let’s Go Hog Wild At Pork Chop Downs

For Wayne Rosaire and his daughter, Pamela, pig racing is a family affair.  Rosaire started Rosaire’s Royal Racers in 1991. Pamela, is now co-owner and self-described “eighth-generation circus.” The Rosaires make their home in Bostwick, Fla., but travel the fair and festival circuit 10 months out of the year.

And they
travel in style, in a specially outfitted RV called the Porcine Palace. The lower section of the vehicle, complete with air conditioning, is home for the hogs. Something unique about Rosaire's Royal Racers, and unlike any other traveling pig racing company, is that they have a private outdoor exercise area for all the animals, so they can go outside as they choose.  The humans’ living quarters are upstairs.

This truly is a show for the ENTIRE family!
  Kids and adults alike ALWAYS "squeal" with delight as these speedy swine fly around the 180ft all aluminum track in about 7 seconds!  Cheerleaders or "Pig Rooters" from the audience are picked to represent each pig -
Audience Participation a Must.

The pigs begin training to be racers when they're about 1 month old. The Rosaires used cream-filled cookies, similar to Oreos, as bait. “Running,” however, might not be the most accurate description when the Vietnamese potbellied pigs hit the track. No less a crowd pleaser than the swifter Yorkshires and Durocs, the rotund racers waddle for the cookie.

Have a Swine Time!

Dale Scott presents his 'Future World of Magic' at the 2018 Schoharie County Sunshine Fair.

Dale Scott has learned from some of the old masters of magic, but in his show "Scott's Future World of Magic" he takes those lessons and gives them a modern twist for a new generation.
"The unique thing about the show is how magic is presented in a whole new way to really capture the attention and imagination of all of the kids," says Scott. "We've created and taken elements from wha
t the kids are into today, which is all the special effects with lighting, lasers, robots, neon, things that capture their attention and we've created magic around that." "It's a whole new way to present a classic in magic," he says.
Scott may be giving a fresh take on an old art, but in performing fairs around the country, he is also returning to his roots. As a child in Cincinnati, Ohio, Scott grew up attending the Hamilton County Fair. "When I was a little boy, my uncle was a fair manager and some of the first magic I ever saw was as a child at the fair," he says. It captivated him, and he hopes to pass on that sense of wonder.
Nowadays we call it street magic," he says. "And that sleight of hand manipulation takes years and years of practice." That practice paid off with Scott winning a gold medal from the Society of American Magicians for manipulation. Will you be able to see how he does it?
Don’t miss Dale Scott as he performs illusions, sleight of hand tricks and comedic magic that includes lasers and other special effects.